I/UCRC for Spatiotemporal Thinking, Computing, and Applications

Many 21st century challenges, such as natural disasters and climate change, happen in space and time. Most scholarship assumes a single static timeslice and fails to explore the true dynamics of social and physical phenomena. Spatio-temporal principles are rarely utilized to optimize and enable relevant science discovery and engineering advancements. A systematic investigation of exploring and utilizing the principles will advance human knowledge in providing a trailblazer thinking methodology and exploring the next-generation computing for addressing the challenges. This Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC) Program for spatio-temporal thinking, computing, and applications was established as a collaboration platform among academia, industry, government agencies, and other organizations to advance this domain of knowledge. The center is established on the previous success of three sites, including a) Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing (CISC) at GMU for computing/software development, b) the National Center for Geographic Information Analysis (NCGIA) and the Center for Spatial Studies (spatial@ucsb) at UCSB for spatial thinking, and c) the Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) at Harvard for applications.

Tags: Spatiotemporal analysis, spatial thinking, spatial computing