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ThinkSpatial announcement: Helena Calado

Maritime Spatial Planning—A New Challenge for Spatial Thinking

Helena Calado

University of the Azores

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Abstract: This talk will briefly walk through the early experiences in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) to new maritime management policies, primarily in the EU. The experiences and practices of Land Use Planning have supported the building of new insights into maritime management as well as the formulation of new Maritime Policies that aim to raise the Blue Economy and, at the same time, enhance Marine Conservation.

In contrast to Land Use Planning, MSP is framed under international obligations and constrained by different dimensions. Also, the marine environment poses new challenges to spatial planning by its fuzzy ecosystem limits and international rigid (and conflicting) borders. In light of the EU and Portugal/Azores, some examples of these aspects will be presented for discussion.

Bio: Currently President of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of the Azores, Helena Calado holds a degree in Geography and Regional Planning from New University of Lisbon and a Ph.D. in Land Use Planning. She is also a researcher at the Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE) and Professor in the Biology Department of University of the Azores on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), Land Use Planning, Legislation, and Environmental Management. She is also an expert and consultant on MSP.

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