Yan Li

Professor, Geo-information Science
Associate Dean, School of Computer Science, and
Director, Spatial Information Research Center,
South China Normal University
October–December 2010

Yan Li (MSc. Institute of International Aerospace and Earth Science (ITC) in the Netherlands) was a visiting professor from South China Normal University, Guangzhou, researching new techniques in spatial and spatio-temporal data analysis and geographic information systems with Michael Goodchild. She has conducted scientific research since 1977, first at the Remote Sensing Laboratory, Xinjiang Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, transferring in 1996 to Spatial Information Center, Guangzhou Institute of Geography, where she served as executive director and director of the Center. Li was later promoted to executive director of Guangdong Key Lab for Remote Sensing and GIS applications.

In December 2001 Li transferred to the Computer Science Department at South China Normal University, where she established a Spatial Information Research Center. She has published more than 100 articles on spatial analysis, RS image processing, spatial data infrastructures, spatial data sharing and integrating, and applications of geo-information science in natural resources and mineral exploration. She regularly makes presentations at national and international meetings and symposia (averaging 3/4 year).

Li’s current research interests are spatial data infrastructures, spatial analysis based on vector maps, including the high efficiency algorithms of overlaying, buffering and finding the shortest path in a network for online spatial analysis, and recognizing approaches for high resolution RS images. In recent years she has been strongly involved in a number of projects and activities concerning the development of spatial data infrastructures (SDI). She was one of the project leaders of the Guangdong Province clearinghouse for geo-information, instrumental in implementing “A prototype of hyper-spectral image processing System development,” “Environment monitoring with hyper-spectra data,” “Spatial Information Integration and applications in Guangdong,” “A XML based spatial information service system” etc. Further, she has worked on a project on “theory and methods of online spatial overlaying analysis” funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, while simultaneously teaching courses on “Multimedia System” in English and “Introduction to Spatial Information System” for undergraduate students. Li has also given the MSc courses on the theory and methods of spatial information, virtual reality, and UML spatial modeling, etc.

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