Wenwen Li

Assistant Professor
GeoDa Center for Geospatial Analysis and Computation
School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
Arizona State University
Email: wenwen@spatial.ucsb.edu

Wenwen Li (B.S., Computer Science, Beijing Normal University; M.S., Signal and Information Processing, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Ph.D., Earth System and Geoinformation Science, George Mason University) joined the spatial@ucsb in May, 2010 as a specialist. She worked on a University of California Multi-campus Research Project Initiative (MRPI) “A virtual-colaboratory for policy analysis in the LA region.” Li’s role in this project was to lead the design and development of a geodatabase, associated Web services and a GUI to serve a broad user community for online policy analysis and decision making on urban economic development. Li has taken a tenure track position at Arizona State University, Tempe.

Last modified: April 18, 2014