Date Speaker Title Abstract
11/29/2012 Paul Wilson,
General Electric Digital Energy
Mission-Critical Mobile Mapping [PDF Document]
05/30/2012 Pinde Fu,
WebGIS: Principles and Applications [PDF Document]
02/23/2012 Markus Knauff,
University of Giessen
Space to Reason [PDF Document] [PDF Document]
02/09/2012 Simon Scheider,
University of Münster
Grounding Geographic Information in Perceptual Operations [PDF Document] [PDF Document]
02/03/2012 Werner Kuhn,
University of Münster
spatial@world—what concepts of spatial information are essential for science and society? [PDF Document]
10/06/2011 Ashton Shortridge,
Michigan State University
Spatial Data Uncertainty For the Masses [PDF Document]
02/05/2009 Jennifer Light,
Northwestern University
Taking Games Seriously [PDF Document]
05/29/2008 Shashi Shekkar,
Evacuation Route Planning: Novel Spatio-Temporal Network Models and Algorithms [PDF Document]
05/29/2008 Jack Dangermond, President of ESRI
Shoreh Elhami,
Co-founder and Chair, GISCorps
University to Inaugurate spatial@ucsb—Connecting our Region through GIS and Geospatial Technologies [PDF Document]
05/12/2008 Ann Harding,
NATSEM, University of Canberra
Creating Socio-Economic Household Data at the Small Area Level An Introduction to Spatial Microsimulation [PDF Document] [PDF Document]

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