Spatial@ucsb, The UCSB Center for Spatial Studies, is an innovative, university-wide resource and research center at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Its mission is to facilitate the integration of spatial thinking into processes for learning and discovery in the natural, social, and behavioral sciences, to promote excellence in engineering and applied sciences, and to enhance creativity in the arts and humanities. Spatial@ucsb is dedicated to promoting campus-wide, spatially related events, research, and teaching for all disciplines that share an interest in the importance of spatial thinking in science and in artistic endeavors, the development of spatial analytic tools, and the importance of place in society.

Please browse this website to discover the many resources this project has to offer. News and events related to Spatial@ucsb are published in its newsletter, Vertices:

Issue 9: New Initiatives

Annual Specialist Meeting A Evolves to Spatial Un-Conference
Spatial Discovery Project
Spatial Coffee Hour
New Personnel—Antonio Medrano

Issue 8: New Visions

New Visions—New Director
Spatially Enabled Smart Places
Transitions—Janelle Retires, Ballatore Replaces
Outreach—4H GIS Project

Issue 7: New Directions—New Co-Director

Is There Life after Spatial?
From spatial@ucsb to a Garden in Seattle
Visiting Scholars
Research Associates and Post-Docs
International Spatial Cognition Summer Institute
Freshman Seminar: Thinking Spatially in the Arts and Sciences
Minor in Spatial Studies

Issue 6: The End of An Era—And the Beginning of a New One

Michael Goodchild Retires
New Director of spatial@ucsb, Mary Hegarty
A note from the New Director
Minor in Spatial Studies
Spatial Technology Lunch Discussions
Freshman Seminar: Thinking Spatially in the Arts and Sciences
Caves and Cognition: Exploring the Cave Experience from Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Issue 5: LA-Plan: A Virtual Co-laboratory for Policy Analysis of the Greater Los Angeles Basin

The End of An Era?And the Beginning of a New One
Seek—Scale for Everyday Environmental Knowledge
The Beginningof a New Era—A New Academic Minor in Spatial Studies

Issue 4: Tools for Map Making

Geography on a Motorcycle: The Guinea worm in Niger
Goodchild—Accumulating Honors
Summer Workshops Past and Future

Issue 3: Introducing

Where in the World is Mike Goodchild?
Goodchild & Raubal Awarded NGA Grant
Summer Workshops Past and Future

Issue 2: A University Minor in Spatial Thinking?

Spatial Help Desk Consultations
Summer Workshops Spatial Pattern Analysis
Summer Workshops Geographic Information Systems for Behavioral Research
Geog 176A: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Issue 1spatial@ucsb Inaugurated

Marking the 120th Meridian<