T h i n k S p a t i a l

The UCSB brownbag forum on spatial thinking

Informal noon-time sessions that feature theories, concepts, tools, and applications for spatial thinking

2013–2014 Program [PDF Document]

Presentations will take place in Ellison Hall 5824, 12:00–1:15 pm Exceptions in Red

22 August Tao Cheng, Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering,
University College London
Spatio-temporal Analytics and Applications
[PDF Document] Abstract
8 October M. A. Greenstein, The George Greenstein Institute (Pasadena)
Why Growing Spatial Intelligence Matters
[PDF Document] Abstract
15 October Anabel Ford, Mesoamerican Research Center, UCSB
Using Cutting-edge LiDAR Technology at El Pilar Belize-Guatemala in Discovering Ancient Maya SitesThere is still a need for Archaeologists!
[PDF Document] Abstract
22 October Federica Burini, Languages, Foreign Literatures and Communication, University of Bergamo, Italy
Collaborative mapping for environmental and cultural planning: MULTIMAP and Bergamo Open Mapping
[PDF Document] Abstract
5 November William F. Yim, Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (ret.)
Spatial Considerations in the Design of Beijing’s Daxing International Airport
[PDF Document] Abstract  [PDF Document] Presentation
3 December Sara Fabrikant, Geography, University of Zürich
Mapping emotions to reason with visual displays
[PDF Document] Abstract
7 January Werner Kuhn, Geography, UCSB
Spatializing Research Hypotheses—A Long-term Vision for spatial@ucsb
[PDF Document] Abstract  [PDF Document] Presentation
21 January Mary Hegarty, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB
Broadening the Study of Spatial Intelligence
[PDF Document] Abstract  [PDF Document] Presentation
11 February Ambuj Singh, Computer Science, UCSB
Modeling the Dynamics of Social (and other) Networks
[PDF Document] Abstract  [PDF Document] Presentation
8 April Margaret Tarampi, Sage Center for the Study of the Mind, UCSB
The Interdisciplinarity of Spatial Thinking in Psychology and the Arts 
[PDF Document] Abstract
22 April Paul Wilson, General Electric Digital Energy (retired)
Keeping the Lights On: Geospatial Technology and the Electric Grid