The UCSB Brownbag Forum on Spatial Thinking


Informal noon-time presentations that feature theories, concepts, tools, and applications for spatial thinking across disciplines, including the natural and the social sciences, as well as the humanities. Due to the closure of UCSB for COVID-19, presentations that normally take place at the Center for Spatial Studies, Phelps 3512, will temporarily be hosted via Zoom meeting rooms.

Note, if you are participating from outside the UCSB community, please contact to get access to the credentials. Please note, the change in time for ThinkSpatial: 11:30 a.m.

Please contact Karen Doehner,, to review and schedule possible discussion topics or presentations that share your disciplinary interest in spatial thinking.

Schedule 2019–2020 (also available on our Google Calendar)

January 14, 2020Somayeh Dodge
University of California Santa Barbara

Multiscale Modeling and Analysis of Movement
January 21, 2020Emmanuel Papadakis
University of California Santa Barbara

Bridging Space and Place in Geographic Information Systems
March 3, 2020Ambuj Singh University of California Santa Barbara

Inferring Network Structure and Flows using Partial Observations
March 10, 2020Claudio Fugo (cancelled, to be rescheduled)
University of California Santa Barbara

The Fishing Net and the Spider Web—Making Italians Making Southerners
March 17, 2020Anna Trugman (cancelled, to be rescheduled)
University of California Santa Barbara

The Geography of Forest Hydraulic Trait Compositions: Observed Patterns, underlying Mechanisms, and Future Implications
April 21, 2020George Baryannis
University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Using Answer Set Programming
April 28, 2020Konstandinos G. Goulias
University of California Santa Barbara

Life Cycle Stages, Daily Contacts, and Activity-Travel Time Allocation for the Benefit of Self and Others
May 5, 2020Alina Ristea
Northeastern University, Boston

Spatial Crime Patterns vs Safety Perception: Mixed Experiments
June 2, 2020Liz Ackert
University of California Santa Barbara

Latinx Destinations and Health

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