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Experimental VR Research on Spatial Cognition in Chinese Traditional Villages

Sinan Yuan
Associate Prof. Department of Architecture
Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

Abstract: By using VR technology, the researcher establishes an experiment platform to analyze the spatial cognition process of people when they are wandering in the traditional Chinese villages. Xiamei and Chengcun, two traditional villages in northern Fujian province, were chosen as the samples in the experiment. The data of movements, head directions of the subjects in the experiment were collected as well as the corresponding subjective feedbacks during the experiment. Through data visualization and analysis, the research reveals the characteristics of the cognition and behavior of the participants when experiencing a complex space such as the traditional villages.

Sinan Yuan is currently a visiting scholar at UCSB from Tianjin University in China.

Spatial Tech Lunch: Sinan Yuan