TeachSpatial (http://teachspatial.org) implements suggestions from a multi-disciplinary Symposium on a Curriculum for Spatial Thinking. The symposium, organized by Diana Sinton, Mike Goodchild, and Don Janelle, was hosted by the University of Redlands in June 2008. Its purpose was to discuss the merits and content of a general curriculum course on spatial thinking. One of its recommendations was to establish a wiki site to promote the discussion and sharing of resources among instructors. TeachSpatial followed in early 2009—a collaborative web site devoted to promoting applications of spatial concepts and spatial tools in teaching and learning. The site features four parts:

  • Part 1 enumerates and defines core concepts of spatial thinking, presented in the original words of authors from (so far) 20 source documents.
  • Part 2 presents schemas that interpret, synthesize, and model aspects of spatial thinking that draw on and interact with selected concepts from Part 1.
  • Part 3 provides a venue for dialog within this community of interest, in individual and collective blogs and a discussion forum.
  • Part 4 will provide an archive of user-contributed resources for teaching and learning. An NSF-funded project to turn the Resources section into a spatial thinking Collection for the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) is under way.

For more information, visit  teachspatial.org

Last modified: September 8, 2014