Our annual specialist meetings bring experts from academia and industry together to discuss a specific topic in depth. The proceedings of each event, including presentations and position papers, are made available online and stored in the Spatial Archives.

Spatial Discovery II—2017


In 2015, the UCSB Library and the Center for Spatial Studies received a private grant to study and address the challenges that libraries and researchers face in making research data discoverable via spatial metadata on diverse platforms and in a variety of environments. The goal of this project is an expanded awareness and adoption of spatial discovery and analysis in research and teaching, supported by novel library services. Partnering in this project with the Center for Spatial Studies, the UCSB Library convened a second expert meeting, “Spatial Discovery II,” which was held at the Upham Hotel and the UCSB campus on May 11 and 12, 2017 in Santa Barbara. Read more.

Universals and Variation in Spatial Referencing across Cultures and Languages—2016

Specialist Meeting on Universals and Variation in Spatial Referencing across Cultures and Languages. The meeting was sponsored by the Center for Spatial Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara and held on December 7–9, 2016, at the Upham Hotel in Santa Barbara, CA. Read more…

Spatial Discovery—2015


Participants contributed expertise in Library Science, as well as knowledge pertaining to spatial information and relevant research on data-seeking behavior. Five keynote addresses as well as several plenary and break-out discussions explored the challenges, best practices, and potential strategies associated with the cross-platform discovery of spatial data in the context of modern libraries. Read more.

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Spatial Search—2014


Intense and focused discussions contributed toward the development of an interdisciplinary research agenda to advance spatial search for information from computational, geospatial, and cognitive perspectives.  Read more.

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Advancing the Spatially Enabled Smart Campus—2013

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geog logo December 11–12, 2013

“Advancing the Spatially Enabled Smart Campus”

This two-day meeting engaged academic and industry representatives with interest in conceiving, designing, and building a smart campus in a discussion of the Smart Campus.

Call for papers • Positions Papers • Final report

Spatial Thinking Across the College Curriculum—2012

statcc logo SILC December 10–11, 2012

“Spatial Thinking Across the College Curriculum”

This two-day specialist meeting discussed the challenges of spatial thinking in different disciplines, cognitive analyses of spatial thinking processes, and current best practices in educating spatial thinking.

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Future Directions in Spatial Demography—2011

Specialist Meeting on Future Directions in Spatial Demography

December 12–13, 2011

“Future Directions in Spatial Demography”

A two-day workshop for the presentation, discussion, and summarization of current challenges and opportunities for spatial demography

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Spatio-Temporal Constraints on Social Networks—2010

20081215 meeting

December 13–14, 2010

“Spatio-Temporal Constraints on Social Networks”

A two-day workshop for the presentation, discussion, and summarization of current issues and opportunities on the topic of Spatio-Temporal Constraints on Social Networks was convened at the Upham Hotel in Santa Barbara. The primary presentations were as follows:

The social networking perspective (Kathleen Carley)

The geospatial perspective (Mike Goodchild)

The computational perspective (James Caverlee)

The visualization perspective (Shih-Lung Shaw)

The social perspective (Matt Zook)

Spatial Concepts in GIS and Design—2008

December 15–16, 2008

“Spatial Thinking in Science and Design”

Discussions of the potential of integrating design more fully into GIS, and over the development of curriculum in spatial thinking were the objectives of the two-day specialist meeting. The central questions posed were:

“To what extent are the fundamental spatial concepts that lie behind GIS relevant in design?” “To what extent can the fundamental spatial concepts of design be addressed with GIS?” “Is it possible to devise a curriculum designed to develop spatial thinking in both GIS and design?”

The meeting was attended by 38 GIS and design specialists from the U.S. and Europe, and included a number of context-setting presentations and ample time for discussion in small groups. The group adjourned, agreeing to hold a follow-up discussion in January 2010, in Redlands, CA.

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20th Anniversary of NCGIA—2008

20th Anniversary of NCGIA

December 10–12, 2008

20th Anniversary of NCGIA

UCSB Symposium

Marking the beginning of National Science Foundation funding for the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) at its three sites, the University of California, Santa Barbara, the University at Buffalo, and the University of Maine, December 1, 2008 represented the twentieth anniversary of NCGIA. In honor of this occasion, a symposium was held at which retrospective and prospective analyses of the work of NCGIA were reviewed.

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Volunteered Geographic Information—2007

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