Spatial Series


The Center for Spatial Studies organizes series of Spatial Thinking (ThinkSpatial) and Spatial Technology (SpatialTech) events around a particular theme of interest to spatial communities. Every series runs over one semester and it is distributed in several sessions per month focusing on the theories, concepts, applications and technologies of the current theme.

Please contact Karen Doehner, or Rui Zhu, to review and schedule possible discussion topics or presentations that share your disciplinary interest with the running theme.

Series 2020–2021

(also available on our Google Calendar)

Fall '20: Knowledge Representation and GeoHumanities
Speakers from a variety of disciplines will deliver talks to communicate interdisciplinary ideas, methods, and technologies about the exciting topic of GeoHumanities. The objective is to study the challenges of representing the spatial knowledge of human phenomena and explore how spatial studies can embrace broader perspectives of space and place that are not bound to existing models or technologies. Read more.