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Convergence Magazine
With roots in geography and a reach into subjects ranging from music and psychology to black studies, spatial thinking
is big at UC Santa Barbara . . .
For more information, read the pdf version of the article from
Convergence Magazine.

Spatial Brochures
spatial@ucsb believes that spatial literacy is crucial to America’s scientific leadership, competitiveness,
prosperity . . .
Spatial Brochure,
Spatial Fund Raising Brochure,
Spatial Brochure for Faculty

Pontifex  Marcom Award

Barbara Bronson Gray and Tom Gray (Pontifex Marketing), recipients of the MarCom Gold Award for excellence in the design of the Center’s brochure to promote spatial thinking at UCSB and beyond. The award is based on an international creative competition conducted by the Association o f Marketing & Communication Professionals. Barbara and Tom worked closely with the Center’s staff and with UCSB Senior Artist Natalie Wong in creating the award-winning brochure, titled spatial@ucsb. Check it out!

GIS Meeting
Search a bit on almost any university campus and you will likely find a GIS center of some kind . . . spatial@ucsb—A New Kind of Campus GIS Center?

Michael F. Goodchild, Director, spatial@ucsb
ArcWatch: Your e-Magazine for GIS News, Views, and Insights

A new initiative . . .Introduction to spatial@ucsb

Michael F. Goodchild, Director, spatial@ucsb

Document spatial perspectives at UCSB . . .Contacts and Spatial Knowledge Systems at UC Santa Barbara

Donald Janelle, Program Director, spatial@ucsb

. . . a cross-cutting theme potentially linking virtually all disciplines . . .The Case for Space

Michael F. Goodchild, Director, spatial@ucsb

. . . Spatial intelligence involves the potential to recognize
and use the patterns of wide space and more confined
areas . . .
Introduction to spatial@ucsb

Michael F. Goodchild, Director, spatial@ucsb

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