Audience from SLT 2019

New space, same (but never old!) event, 2019’s Spatial Lightning Talks were one to remember. As they munched on sandwiches and pizza, our listeners from across campus were regaled with three-minute talks that ran the gamut, and that captured our attention for over an hour. Speakers had the challenge to present a new topic to the audience in only three minutes, after a which a loud (electronic) bell would stop their thought in its tracks – because it was question time!

Now it was the audience’s turn; two minutes to grill the speaker. Our favorite comment (in response to a talk about searching for nowhere — Point Nemo? Gurbantünggüt Desert? Or Nowhere, Oklahoma?): “Nowhere or Now here?”)

Image result for nowhere oklahoma gnis

We had students discussing their research: 

Aaron Bagnell: Clustering Water Masses to Overcome Local Sampling Biases

Others discussed their histories in terms of geographic units:

Thomas Hervey: Travel Spaces and their Stories

Professors from a diversity of departments (History; Religious Studies; Geography) spoke on topics of personal interest – race on college campuses, Buddhist symbols (maps) of the universe, the U.S./Canada border.

We had the opportunity to hear from visitors from the community as well: Skona Brittain, co-founder of SB Family School, about Space-Filling Curves, and Ken Dunkley, retired, on food labeling of country of origin, and its impacts on quality of food and on trade. 

Here is the full list of presenters:


It was a treat to hear all of these wonderful presenters. Join us again for next year’s event!

If you are interested in presenting a 3-minute lightning talk at next year’s event, get in touch with Anagha anytime. Videos of this year’s talks will be posted on the Spatial Center website once they become available.

“Light Our Minds On Fire!” A Spatial Lightning Talks 2019 Recap