GIS Resources

GIS Resources What is GIS? Explore GIS Resources for answers. Web links and resources provided here are illustrative rather than exhaustive and draw on the work of spatial@ucsb and affiliated programs whenever possible.

GIS Cookbook

GIS Cookbook The GIS Cookbook The GIS Cookbook is a collection of simple descriptions of GIS methods written with minimal GIS jargon. Although its recipes cover only two GIS software platforms, ESRI’s ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 8/9.x, it provides illustrations of GIS functionality that may be of benefit to early-stage adopters.

NCGIA Core Curriculum

NCGIA Core Curriculum NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIScience 2000 version—written as lecture notes for instructorsExplore the original NCGIA core-curriculum 1990 version—print copy is no longer available

Links for GIS data and remote-sensing imagery

US Geospatial One-Stop at Access federal, state, and local geographic data from diverse public and private sources. This portal is a catalog of geospatial information that contains thousands of metadata records (information about the data) with links to live maps, downloadable data sets, images, clearinghouses, and map, established in 2009, gives access to raw data in multiple formats (XML, CSV/Text, KML/KMZ, Shapefile, etc.), data mining tools, and geospatial datasets from all agencies of the U.S. Federal Executive Branch. Extensive metadata are provided and users can search by keywords, general themes, and source agencies.

Santa Barbara County Spatial Data Catalog Download local GIS data on agriculture, boundaries, culture, demographics, environmental hazards, hydrolics, planning, and transportation

Santa Barbara County Online GIS, My Property, allows users to access and map land and property data in relation to County Zoning, Land Use, Voting Precincts, School Districts, Political Boundaries, Flood Zones, and Fire Severity, etc.

For information on GISTools, see Research Resources.

Last modified: June 27, 2014