Linked Data for GIScience

This page is a starter pack for faculty, students, and developers, who are interested in applying Linked Data solutions in the context of GIScienceRead more.

e-Scholarship, Spatial Archives

The Center for Spatial Studies is creating an archive through the California Digital Library’s e-Scholarship initiative to preserve in perpetuity, and to enhance access to, the publications of NCGIA and CSISS… Read more.

UCSB Spatial Review

The UCSB Spatial Review is a web resource about spatial perspectives in research at UCSB that is intended to build connections across campus to spur research development, consultation, and innovation. It will feature vignettes about the research of departments, programs, centers, and individual scholars. Download the Tools for Map Making Resource Review for UCSB [PDF]

Spatial Analysis Research Tools

A portal to software tools that facilitate analysis of geographically referenced data, including cartographic representation, geographic information systems, remote sensing, spatial econometrics, and space-time modeling approaches. Read more.

Spatial Data & Map Links

This provides starting points for finding geo-referenced data, boundary files, and digital maps. It includes links to comprehensive web portals and to data collections for selected geographical regions and for a broad range of thematic topics.

Online Map Viewers and Map Making

Web-based GIS mapping services are readily available for exploratory use, offering interactive map displays of selected variables.