Andr´ Bruggmann André Bruggmann is a Ph.D. candidate at the GIScience Center of the Geography Department at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, visiting the Center for Spatial Studies from November 14, 2016–January 31, 2017.

He received his BSc and MSc in Geography from the University of Zurich. Bruggmann focuses on geographic information visualization and analysis and is particularly interested in geovisual analytics, spatialization, geographic information retrieval, and the digital humanities. His research is situated at the nexus of geography and the humanities, and he investigates methods to automatically retrieve, transform, and interactively visualize spatio-temporal and thematic data in large digital text archives.

While at UCSB, Bruggmann will be developing his research on spatialization and geovisual analytics, applying his specialized skills in automated text analysis, information analysis, and information visualization methods and collaborating with Werner Kuhn. He holds office space at 3512 Phelps Hall and will present his work at an upcoming ThinkSpatial presentation, How does GIScience Support Spatio-Temporal and Thematic Information Exploration in the Humanities?