Michela Teobaldi

University of Siena
January–March 2012
Email: michela.teobaldi@yahoo.it

Michela Teobaldi (M.A. International Studies, University of Siena) is a visiting Ph.D. student from University of Siena (Italy). Her research area is VGI, and she is currently examining VGI opportunities and limitations and their possible application to the tourist industry; she is supervised by Professor Cristina Capineri (Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Siena).

Teobaldi has attended the Vespucci Summer School (Florence, June 2011) to investigate this topic and she will present her work on it at the AAG Meeting in New York (February 2012).

Sponsored by the University of Siena, and hosted by Michael Goodchild, Teobaldi is visiting the Center for Spatial Studies at UCSB for the winter quarter, holding office space at 3512 Phelps Hall.

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