Cecilia Xia

Curtin University
Western Australia
February–June 2013

Cecilia Xia is a senior lecturer at Curtin University, Western Australia. She holds a B.A in Geography and an M.A. in Physical Geography from Liaoning Normal University in China. Her Ph.D. is from RMIT University in Australia. Xia’s main areas of research are geographic information systems, spatial analysis and modeling, transport modeling, and wayfinding and cognitive modeling. In the past five years, Xia has published three book chapters, 13 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 17 peer-reviewed conference papers in the fields of tourism, transportation, health GIS, coastal management, and spatial database management. Her research has been funded by the Australian Research Council and several Australian government agencies and private industries.

While at UCSB, Xia will be working with Kostas Goulias, researching applications of spatial and temporal modeling of accessibility to train station and train station choice under uncertainty. In addition, she is working with Michael Goodchild on the project “Spatially Thinking about Human Brain Geography: Spatial Epidemiology Approach to Dementia Study.”

Last modified: April 18, 2014