Alinda Friedman

University of Colorado
February 2013

Alinda Friedman (Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder) is a visiting scholar from the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta. Her primary research interests are in the area of visual and spatial cognition. One of her lines of research concerns how geographical knowledge is represented in memory and how that affects judgments about locations, distances, and relationships among geographical entities.

A second line of research has addressed issues such as (1) how we recognize familiar objects; (2) what is encoded and remembered about an object the first time it is seen; (3) if objects are remembered from a specific point of view; and (4) how having a characteristic motion influences object recognition.

She also is interested in the relationship between the processes and types of representations that are used in object recognition and those that are recruited when we encode and remember complex, real-world scenes.

While at UCSB, Friedman will be working on navigation and spatial location memory with Dan Montello, and with Mary Hegarty researching individual differences in the latter. Further, she will be working on the role of Bayesian Statistics in spatial cognition with Montello. For further information, please see

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