Kitty Currier organized this edition of Lightning Talks, held at the Mosher Alumni House over the lunch hour on Wednesday, February 27, 2013. The brave cast of inspirational speakers included:

Tommy Dickey, Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs and Mesoscale Ocean Eddy Trackers: How Do They Do Their Jobs?

Mary Hegarty, How I Became a Spatial Thinker

Song Gao, Spatio-Temporal Patterns from Mobile Phone Data

Jim Caesar, Emergency Preparedness

Don Janelle, Convergent Places—Warped Spaces

Rodrigo Bombardi, Relationships Between Precipitation over Eastern South America and the South Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature

Skona Brittain, Where in the World is Hunter SanCazador?

Chuck Champlin, Twinkle: A Geometry of Meaning

Grant McKenzie, Airports: The Good, The Bad & The WTF

Emily Ellis, Can we use terrestrial biogeography to inform placement of MPA’s?

Jon Jablonski, New in MIL: The Fairchild Aerial Surveys Collection

William Yim, Airfield Design and Capacity

Yingjie Hu, Citation Map: Visualizing the Spread of Scientific Ideas
Through Space and Time

Kitty Currier, Shipshaping and Fiafia (or How I Became a Geographer)

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