Former Intern (Summer 2015)

Noah-GAs an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Barbara pursuing a B.S. in Physical Geograph, Noah Gluschankoff served as a research assistant for the Human Environment Dynamics Lab, Spring 2015, under the supervision of David Lopez-Carr, where he was able to apply his bilingual skills (Spanish and English) to create a qualitatively categorized survey manual for a project that studied land-cover and land-use change in rural subsistence farming communities in Guatemala. While growing up in Southern California, Gluschankoff has never lived further than 10 miles from a beach and he has continuously learned about land change and management. His father began expansively farming organic produce more than ten years ago, thus exposing Gluschankoff to a diverse and unique lifestyle. Looking forward, he hopes to enter graduate school to study marine ecology, while also participating in the family business.

He interned at the Center for Spatial Studies during summer 2015 as a project developer to improve the usability of SeaSketch, a collaborative online ocean resource mapping system created by the McClintock Lab at the Marine Science Institute. The project sought to increase user satisfaction by minimizing the complexity of tools in order to allow users with no mapping experience to effectively participate in ocean resource management.

Gluschankoff went on to pursue graduate studies at the Department of Earth System Science at Stanford University.