Head of Geo Data Modeling

Email: george.technitis@gmail.com

Former Assistant Specialist, Center for Spatial Studies

Georgios Technitis was an assistant specialist at the Center for Spatial Studies. He is interested in SMART applications of GIS methods and remote sensing techniques in the fields of movement ecology, natural hazards, and climate change monitoring. His passion for microelectronics and virtual reality technology gave him extensive industrial R&D experience in product design and development. Indoors/outdoors localization solutions, wireless sensor networks, and behavior monitoring services are few keywords of his work. Technitis’ main involvement lies in feasibility studies, advanced product quality planning, benchmarking, and validation processes.

A geographer by training (Harokopio University of Athens, Upper Class Honors), Technitis completed his specialization in Geo-Informatics at the National Technical University of Athens (Valedictorian M.Sc. 2008–2010). He is currently the head of Geo Data Modeling at SwissRE in the Zurich area.