Douglas Burbank

Director, Institute for Crustal Studies
Chair, Department of Earth Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

After 15 years at the University of Southern California and four years at Penn State, Douglas Burbank as been directing the Institute for Crustal Studies at UCSB since 2001. His research focuses on the quantification of the interactions among climate, erosion, and tectonics in present-day orogenesis and landscape evolution; interactions of folds, faults, and depositional systems; evolution of collisional mountain belts; and kinematics of thrust faulting and continental transition. Most projects combine extensive field observations with geochronology, analysis of digital topography, geodesy, and structural and stratigraphic analyses, taking him to the Himalaya, Alps, Pyrenees, Transverse Ranges, Tien Shan, and Southern Alps. Burbank is currently chair of the Department of Earth Science.


Last modified: April 18, 2014