T h i n k S p a t i a l

The UCSB brownbag forum on spatial thinking

Informal noon-time sessions that feature theories, concepts, tools, and
applications for spatial thinking

2007–2008 Program

Ellison Hall 5824 12:00- 1:00 pm Unless otherwise indicated

12 December Diana Sinton, University of Redlands
One Approach to Bringing Spatial Thinking to Higher Education
[PDF Document] Abstract   [PDF Document] Presentation
22 January Bill Jacob, Mathematics, UCSB
Working with the Array, Mathematical Models
[PDF Document] Abstract
12 February Tobias Höllerer, Computer Science, UCSB
When Computers get Physical – A Path to “Anywhere Augmentation”
[PDF Document] Abstract
22 February Paul Van Zuyle, Westlake GIS and Ventura College
Building Regional GIS Data Infrastructure
[PDF Document] Abstract
3 March Kun Lee, Sociology, University of Seoul
Moving towards Register-Based Censuses in Korea: A Long Way to Go
[PDF Document] Abstract   [PDF Document] Presentation
11 March Dan Montello, Geography ⁄ Psychology, UCSB
Spatial Thinking with Different Media
[PDF Document] Abstract   [PDF Document] Presentation
1 April Jack Loomis, Psychology, UCSB
Twenty years of research on the Personal Guidance System:
What did we learn?
[PDF Document] Abstract   [PDF Document] Presentation
22 April Mary Hegarty, Psychology, UCSB
The Role of Spatial Ability in Medicine: Applications in Selection and Training
[PDF Document] Abstract   [PDF Document] Presentation
21 May Reg Golledge, Geography, UCSB
The Nature of Geospatial Knowledge (and when to teach it)
[PDF Document] Abstract   [PDF Document] Presentation

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