The events hosted by spatial@ucsb bring UCSB and off-campus scholars together to demonstrate the many ways that spatial thinking and analysis can advance knowledge, promote creativity, and help solve theoretical and applied problems.

  • ThinkSpatial Brown Bag Presentations: Informal noon-time sessions that feature theories, concepts, tools, and applications for spatial thinking.
  • Specialist Meetings: Annual meetings on a relevant theme, such as smart campus, spatial demography, and spatial thinking, that convene specialists in the particular field.
  • spatial@ucsb.local: An annual poster display and plenary session bringing together users of spatial technology from academia and the private and public sectors from Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.
  • Spatial Technology Lunches: A series of informal talks that provide a research forum for graduate students and faculty, as well as local technologists.
  • Lightning Talks: An annual series of rapid-fire talks on spatially-flavored topics. Presenters are allotted a maximum of three minutes.
  • Coffee Hours: A regular interdisciplinary, powerpoint-free discussion of spatial topics, aimed at defining areas of possible collaborations in future research.
  • Spatial Unconferences: Bi-annual meetings to reach out to domain specialists and applications of spatial information as a primary force to push the frontiers of Geographic Information Science, Spatial Cognition, and related fields.
  • GIS Days:  As part of Geography Awareness Week, the annual GIS Day enables GIS users and researchers to exchange ideas and present their work to a wide audience.
  • Researcher Presentations:  An archive of presentations by spatial@ucsb researchers, 2001–2012.
  • Visitor Presentations: An archive of presentations by spatial@ucsb visitors, 2008–2012.

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