This page provides links to syllabi of courses taught by scholars from a variety of institutions across the country. They were assembled as illustrations of how spatial thinking, spatial analysis and GIS are taught in undergraduate programs. If you have a syllabus that illustrates classroom applications of spatial thinking in your discipline, spatial@ucsb would welcome the opportunity to include it on this page.

Please submit these to Andrea Ballatore.


• Human Ecology from Space: Introduction to Remote Sensing in the Social Sciences

The Human Footprint: The Study of Land Use and Cover Change

Spatial Demography



• Spatial Modeling and Analysis

• Resource Inventory Methods

• Global Positioning Systems

Environmental Conservation

Spatial Analysis of Environmental and Social Systems

Resource Economics and Policy—Applications of GIS

Public Health

• Spatial Epidemiology—Spatial Analysis of Disease Pattern and Process

• Spatial Epidemiology

Urban Studies and Urban Planning

Last modified: August 7, 2014