The UCSB Brownbag Forum on Spatial Thinking

Informal noon-time presentations that feature theories, concepts, tools, and applications for spatial thinking across disciplines, including the natural and the social sciences, as well as the humanities. Presentations will take place at the Center for Spatial Studies, Phelps 3512, 12:00–1:00 pm.

These events were planned by Andrea Ballatore (

Schedule 2014–2015 (also available on our Google Calendar)

July 15, 2014David Lanter, CDM Smith Inc.
A Social Vulnerability Analysis Framework for Flood Prevention Civil Works Projects
October 7, 2014Linda Hill, Dept. of Geography, UCSB (retired) et al.
Gazetteers: Tools for Spatial Search, Identification, and Reasoning
October 21, 2014Eric Prieto, Department of French and Italian, UCSB
Place, Poststructuralism, and Informal Urbanism
October 28, 2014Thomas Stahovich, University of California, Riverside
Does neatness count? Inferring student competence from the temporal and spatial organization of handwritten solutions to engineering problems
November 4, 2014Lisa Parks, Dept. of Film and Media Studies, UCSB
Drones, Media, and Mobility in the Horn of Africa
November 25, 2014Steve Franconeri, Dept. of Psychology, Northwestern University
Visual attention creates structure over space and time
December 2, 2014Debra Lieberman and Erica Biely, Center for Digital Games Research, UCSB
Using Spatial Experience in Digital Games to Support Learning and Health Behavior Change
January 13, 2015Andrea Ballatore, Center for Spatial Studies, UCSB
Defacing the Map: Cartographic Vandalism in Vounteered Geographic Information[slides]
January 27, 2015Christopher Pilafian, Department of Theater and Dance, UCSB
Between/Around/Within: How a choreographer thinks about, explores and experiences space
February 3, 2015
Note: 12:30pm
Anne K. Knowles, Department of Geography, Middlebury College
Alberto Giordano, Department of Geography, Texas State University
From Space to Place: Exploring Geographies of the Holocaust
February 17, 2015Javiera Barandiaran, Global & International Studies, UCSB
Scientists, Maps, and Environmental Conflict in the Chilean Patagonia
March 3, 2015Marije van Amelsvoort and Lisanne van Weelden, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Spatial Visualization
March 10, 2015Stephanie Malia Hom, Modern Languages, University of Oklahoma
The Drowned and the Defeated: On the Limits of the Camp in Italian Colonial Libya
April 7, 2015Peter S. Alagona, Dept. of History, UCSB
Species Complex: Classification and Conservation in American Environmental History
April 21, 2015Elisabeth Skou Pedersen, Dept. of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University, Denmark
The unanimist geographies of Jules Romains and Virginia Woolf
April 28, 2015Roland Geyer, Bren, UCSB
Spatially-explicit environmental assessment of renewable transportation
May 19, 2015Amr El Abbadi, Dept. of Computer Science, UCSB
Big Data and the Cloud: The Challenges of Spatial Co-location, Global Fault-tolerance and Geographically Correlated Trends
May 26, 2015David Kerr, Samsum Clinic
Environmental diabetes care
July 15, 2015Miguel Camacho Collados, University of Granada/Spanish National Police Corps/UCLA
Federico Liberatore, Rey Juan Carlos University/UCLA
Spatial Partitioning of Police Districts: a Multi-Criteria Model
July 28, 2015Christoph Hölscher, Cognitive Science, ETH, Zurich
Wayfinding - where Cognition meets Architectural Design