Now recruiting presenters

for the 11th annual

Spatial Lightning Talks

to be held online via Airmeet on February 28, 2022 at 10:00 am PT

Submit your presentation idea here by February 11
(Sorry; we are no longer accepting entries.)

Inspired by the Ignite Talks, the Spatial Lightning Talks feature intrepid presenters who have three minutes to deliver their idea, story, or message. Topics may be wide-ranging, as long as they somehow relate to spatial thinking and/or analysis. Both serious and lighthearted presentations are  welcomed, as long as they stick to the mantra, “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”

Affiliates and non-affiliates of UCSB are invited to present and attend. With the online format, we hope to attract participants from around the globe.

2021 Lightning Talks screenshotExamples of past years’ titles:

  • “You Are Here” (Michael Goodchild, 2021; video)
  • “Human [reference] map” (Katy Börner, 2021; video)
  • “Your Smartphone, Organize It” (Thomas Crimmel, 2017; video)
  • “The Un-Spatial Talk” (Dan Montello, 2017; video)
  • “A Lovely Mess–A Brief History of UCSB Campus Plans” (Dennis Whelan, 2017; video)
  • “Acoustic Spatialization” (Elizabeth J. Hambleton, 2017; video)
  • “Why isn’t the US metric?” (Keith C. Clarke, 2015; video)
  • “Go West, Young Man: Consistency and Inconsistency in Cognitive Representations of Cardinal Directions” (Bernard Comrie,  2015; video)
  • “Polar Bears and Great Pyrenees Dogs: A Matter of Scale!” (Tommy Dickey and Hot Rod Linkin, 2015; video)
  • “Navigating Narratives as Networks” (Jeremy Douglass,  2014; video)
  • “Airports: The Good, the Bad, and the WTF” (Grant McKenzie,  2013; video)
  • “Marine Transportation: OOPS” (Rick Church, 2010; video)
  • and many more

We will try to accommodate all submissions, but if interest exceeds the available time slots, we will select talks based on their title and a brief description of the concept (1-3 sentences). Please submit your idea through this Google Form no later than February 11. Confirmation of presenters will be emailed by February 15.

Questions? Contact Kitty Currier, We look forward to your submission!


Spatial Lightning Talks: Call for Presenters