The Center for Spatial Studies’ Lightning Talks are designed to be serious or funny, as long as the mantra is followed: “​Enlighten us, but make it quick​.

This year the talks were held on ​Tuesday, March 16, 2021. This annual series of ​3-minute​ lightning talks typically brings together speakers from across the UCSB campus and the local community to enlighten the crowd on thought-provoking ​spatial topics of all kinds​. Since this year the event was held online, it had much broader participation from across the globe with an exciting lineup of speakers from the spatial community worldwide. See the list of selected speakers and the titles of their talks below. Recorded videos can be found here.

Special note: ​The 2021 annual Center for Spatial Studies ​Lightning Talks​ were dedicated to the memory of Paul Wilson, who was one of the Center’s most avid and constant participants of all things spatial. Paul’s presence at our ongoing activities will be sorely missed. See his 2014 Lighting Talk on Whale Traffic Control:

Rui Zhu

2021 Lightning Talks