About the Appearance of Chairs during the Disappearance of Bikes—Space, Time, Photography, and a bit of Drama


Krzysztof Janowicz

Center for Spatial Studies and Department of Geography

University of California Santa Barbara

Photo of Krzysztof Janowicz

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Abstract. As director of UCSB’s Center for Spatial Studies, my role is largely to moderate, facilitate, and provide an overall vision for our research. With the academic year coming to an end, I would like to use this opportunity to present some personal thoughts on spatial thinking, semantics, and theories of categorization by sharing a campus photography project during COVID in an interactive and, hopefully, cheerful style. Overall, the talk will be more about photography and society as compared to geoinformatics (in a narrower sense).

Google Earth Web (and KML) was used for an optional geographic discovery game. 

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Director’s End of the Academic Year Talk