The Center for Spatial Studies is happy to announce the arrival of a visitor to the center, Ekaterina Egorova (September, 2019-March, 2020)


Swiss National Science Foundation, Switzerland


Ekaterina Egorova 

holds a PhD in Geographic Information Science from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Her

research has concentrated on studying the conceptualization of  remote natural environments

through the prism of textual Volunteered Geographic Information. Her current project, financed

through a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation, examines the spatial and temporal

aspects of human-environment interaction in the context of nature-based recreation activities, focussing on the Southern Alps, New Zealand.

Ekaterina’s research lies at the intersection of GIScience, spatial cognition and cognitive linguistics, and combines methods from NLP, Geographic Information Retrieval, computational discourse analysis, and spatial analysis. Her interests include the production and processing of geographic information across a variety of contexts, spatial semantics, and methods for the automated extraction of spatial concepts from multimodal geographic information sources.


Her work can be explored at:
Google scholar:
Twitter: @textandspace

Please join us in welcoming Ekaterina to campus! She will be working at 3512 Phelps Hall during her stay–please feel free to contact her — — if your research interests intersect with hers.

New Spatial Visitor: Ekaterina Egorova