Location Analytics in Business

Hosted by the University of California Santa Barbara and Esri, Inc.
NEW Dates: Wednesday, January 31 to Friday, February 2, 2018, at the Upham Hotel in downtown Santa Barbara.

New applicants can submit a CV and a 2-page position paper  to kdoehner@spatial.ucsb.edu


Location Analytics is the subset of Business Analytics that is concerned with gaining insights by analyzing the spatial component of business data. Leading retail, real estate, finance, manufacturing, and logistics firms, among others, implement location strategies to gain competitive advantage. Furthermore, a new generation of business researchers and educators is beginning to recognize location analytics as a distinctive professional specialty. The role of academics in this field can be to simplify location analysis, propose innovative new theories and methodologies, and educate business and technology leaders.

This 3-day workshop will prepare selected early-career researchers to do just that. Participants will interact with leading scholars in geographic information science and other related fields, and will lead breakout discussions on relevant subtopics. Benefits to participants include learning the current capabilities of a modern location analytics platform, gaining ideas and advice for implementing location analytics in next-generation business school curricula, and crossing disciplinary boundaries to network and collaborate with kindred scholars. Results may include a jointly-authored review and/or manifesto article for a peer-reviewed journal.


Photo of Upham Hotel

Last modified: January 4, 2018