On Tuesday, April 25, from 12:00–1:00 pm please join us for the next Spatial Technology Lunch in Phelps Hall room 3512. This semi-regular series, hosted by spatial@ucsb, aims to promote discussion and interaction within the university’s spatial technology community. Please RSVP to Kitty Currier (kcurrier@spatial.ucsb.edu) by Monday, April 24. Pizza and drinks will be provided.


Discovering and Sharing Campus Scholarship Spatially with UCSB Open Data

Sara Lafia

UCSB Open Data webpageGraduate student Sara Lafia will give an overview of UCSB’s Open Data site, a developing campus-focused effort, built with contributions from the university library and researchers. Sara will discuss how the site makes research spatially discoverable and how students, administrators, researchers, and community members play important roles in the site’s future development. Selected contents currently discoverable through the site include: imagery from archaeologist Dr. Anabel Ford’s Maya Forest GIS; volunteered geographic information from biologist Dr. Douglas Macaulay’s lab; publications hosted across various repositories, like eScholarship; and layers of campus-specific information, ranging from bike path networks to the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity’s active work sites. Location integrates information; learn what you could discover and contribute to this new and exciting campus resource!

Sara Lafia is a graduate student in the Geography Department at UCSB. She works with the UCSB Library and the Center for Spatial Studies on improving the spatial discovery of research data and documents. Her research addresses the question of how to spatially enable discovery of connected data and publications in a setting that allows for mapping and analysis using a Geographic Information System. She is also interested in the application of spatialization frameworks to non-spatial data, such as text, to gain new insights about themes of contents across data formats.

Spatial Tech Lunch: Sara Lafia