The Center for Spatial Studies announces its annual

Spatial Lightning Talks

Student Resource Building (SRB)

1st floor Multipurpose Room

12:00 p.m., Monday, February 29, 2016
Lunch will be provided
RSVP required

[button link=”” type=”icon” icon=”paper” newwindow=”yes”]Agenda[/button] The Spatial Lightning Talks are a great series of rapid-fire  presentations that captivate research findings, new ideas that have been brewing, travel tales,  or topics that are spatially related.

These talks are limited to 3 minutes per presenter, so it’s crucial to be as efficient in listening as the presenter is in his delivering the entire presentation before the buzzer goes off.

This year’s presentations are as diverse as:
Navigation and the Human Stress Response
How to Prove the Earth is Round
Navigating a Volume: The Seattle Public Library
Syphilis, Circuit Parties, and Circular Migration

Please RSVP to Crystal Bae and join us on February 29!

Spatial Lightning Talks