logoSEDr. Giuseppe Amatulli of Yale University will be hosting a summer workshop on “Spatio-temporal analysis and big data processing using free and open source software“, open to anyone with interest. The class will be 1 week long from July 16,17 and 20-22 and no previous experience with programming or command line interface is assumed or required. Cost is $450 and more details can be found here:


Please email lacey.hughey@gmail.com with any questions.

geo_linux_leyersOver the last few decades there has been an explosion in the availability of data for environmental research, and in particular for spatio-temporal analysis. We are now able to address a number of important questions, both new and old, with unprecedented rigor and generality. Leveraging these exciting new data streams requires tools and increasingly complex workflows. This 6-day course introduces a set of free and open source software (BASH, AWK ,GDAL, GRASS, R, Python, PKTOOLS, OFGT) to perform spatio-temporal analysis and modelling of environmental data in a Linux environment. We also introduce multi-core, cloud and cluster computation procedures using High Performance Computing – Amazon Web Services. The course consists of a set of lectures and practical hands-on sessions in which participants perform spatial and temporal analysis using Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing concepts. Although courses focuses on the command line instead of the graphical user interface, no prior experience with programming or command line interfaces is assumed or required. To cater to students with prior programming experience, we will hold parallel sessions that introduce more advanced material (e.g. parallel processing) . Our main focus is on teaching self learning and problem solving more than the use of specific tools so participants will be able to progress and adapt to learn the newest available data science techniques.

Summer Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Analysis