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Special Issue on

Spatial Approaches to Information Search

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Guest editors

  • Andrea Ballatore, Center for Spatial Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
  • Werner Kuhn, Geography/Center for Spatial Studies, UCSB
  • Mary Hegarty, Psychological and Brain Sciences/Center for Spatial Studies, UCSB
  • Ed Parsons, Google

We invite papers to be submitted to a special issue in the journal Spatial Cognition & Computation on spatial approaches to information search. Information search has become an enabler across the spectrum of human activity. Search engines process billions of queries each day and influence the visibility and accessibility of online content. Scientists search for meaningful patterns in massive data sets, while consumers search for products and services in a growing pool of options.

Operating at two levels, there is a spatial component at the core of search. On one hand, search technologies rely on a spatial metaphor: We talk about going to our favorite web sites to help search for fragments in an overwhelmingly large space of documents, images, and videos. On the other hand, geographic space indexes information and refines search strategies, relying on the geo-location of entities to assess their relevance. While the spatial dimension of search is pervasive and foundational to many disciplines, it has not been adequately analyzed.

The goal of this special issue is to fill this research gap by attracting contributions from disciplines such as cognitive psychology, geographic information science, linguistics, information science, and computer science. Topics of interest include:

  • geographic information retrieval
  • spatial search and uncertainty
  • search models and algorithms for spatial information
  • semantics of spatial search
  • cognitive models for spatial information search
  • human-computer interaction for spatial search
  • visual search in spatial interfaces
  • information foraging for spatial search

All papers should lie within the scope of the journal (as defined on the journal’s website: In particular, papers must address issues which are essentially spatial in nature, rather than general issues in information retrieval and search. 

Important dates

  • Expression of interest, including a 120 word abstract, should be sent to by March 31, 2015
  • Submission of full papers: July 31, 2015
  • Completion of review process (estimate): January 31, 2016

Submission instructions

Submitted papers will be refereed by the usual standards of Spatial Cognition and Computation. Instructions for submitting a manuscript can be found on the journal’s website ( Submissions will be handled through the submission system, Manuscript Central (, and should not exceed 6000 words.


Spatial Approaches to Information Search CFP