Final Report on our 2015 Specialist Meeting on Spatial Discovery

Editors: Savannah Cooley,  Sara LafiaAntonio Medrano, Denise Stephens, and Werner Kuhn

This report summarizes a two-day expert meeting on “Spatial Discovery,” organized jointly by the Library and the Center for Spatial Studies of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and held on June 16–17, 2015 at the Upham Hotel, in Santa Barbara. The 24 participants contributed expertise in Library Science, as well as knowledge pertaining to spatial information and relevant research on data-seeking behavior. Five keynote addresses as well as several plenary and break-out discussions explored the challenges, best practices, and potential strategies associated with the cross-platform discovery of spatial data in the context of modern libraries.

Spatial Search – Final Report


Spatial Discovery Expert Meeting: Final Report