Sponsored by ESRI and organized by the UCSB Library and the Center for Spatial Studies

The Final Report for this meeting is now available.

A private grant to study the challenges and strategies that libraries and researchers face in trying to discover linked spatial data via metadata on diverse platforms and in a variety of environments has enabled the Library in collaboration with the Center for Spatial Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) to convene experts from on and off campus. Participants in this meeting, “Spatial Discovery,” will include on- and off-campus experts, primarily with expertise in Library Science, as well as specialists with knowledge pertaining to spatial information with relevant research on data-seeking behavior and requirements.

Challenges, practices, and potential strategies associated with the cross-platform discovery of spatial data in the context of the library will be discussed at this meeting. The question is how can the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboratory at UCSB (and similar efforts elsewhere) provide a single point of access to spatial data, discovering them across distributed repositories, search catalogs and databases? A longer term perspective will be how the discovery of library contents in general can be spatially supported.

The results will include a white paper on organizing library contents and services around “spatial,” with a focus on the Alexandria Digital Research Library (ADRL) together with ArcGIS Online and library search tools as enabling technologies.

Location and time

This specialist meeting will take place at the Upham Hotel, Santa Barbara, CA on June 17–18, 2015.

Invited Speakers

  • James Boxall (GISciences Centre, Dahlhousie University)
  • Anabel Ford (Mesoamerican Research Center, UCSB)
  • Marcel Fortin (University of Toronto Libraries)
  • Christopher Gist (Scholars’ Lab, University of Virginia)
  • Alan Liu (Department of English, UCSB)

Organizing Committee

  • Denise Stephens, University Librarian
  • Werner Kuhn, Director, Center for Spatial Studies, Geography Department
  • Antonio Medrano, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Center for Spatial Studies
  • Karen Doehner, Administrative Coordinator, Center for Spatial Studies
  • Isabella Madarang, Executive Assistant, University Librarian, Library