Borgida (1)

February 4-18, 2015

Alex Borgida (Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Toronto) is a Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. His research concerns, broadly, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, and its application to Conceptual Modeling of Information Systems, as well as Requirements Engineering. Among others, he has repeatedly collaborated on proposing languages for software specification (including three ICSE papers, one of which won the ICSE “test of time” best paper award). He also co-designed and co-implented Classic, the first Description Logic (“ontology language”) used in an industrial setting, at AT&T. He has served on the editorial board of several journals, including Applied Ontology, J. of Data Semantics, and JAIR.

Borgida’s recent work on the ontological foundations of non-functional requirements led him to Werner Kuhn’s research; he is now in the process of establishing a long-term collaboration on various aspects of measurement, ontologies, and information integration.


Last modified: February 5, 2015