The Department of Geography and the Center for Spatial Studies, UCSB present

Jacqueline McGlade
UNEP Chief Scientist, Director of the Division of Early Warning and Assessment

Healthy Planet, Healthy People—The Future We Can Have

3:30 p.m. Thursday, April 9, 2015, Buchanan 1930 (lecture); 3512 Phelps Hall (reception)

jaqmcgladeAbstract: Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth are one and the same fight, no longer confined to the poorest nations. Captured in the Rio+20 report “The Future We Want,” describes a new form of universality where development issues exist in all countries, where a basic level of goods and services exists for all people, and where solutions for one problem become solutions for all. This presentation will touch on knowledge emerging worldwide—from governments, indigenous peoples, and practitioners—and show how information is being used to underpin the new Sustainable Development Goals. With the help of UNEP Live, many of the key building blocks for policy making will be unpacked—from ontologies to big data, citizen science, and intelligent semantics for social media, to spatial data infrastructure and sensor-web enabled monitoring of cities and oceans.

Professor Jacqueline McGlade is currently UNEP Chief Scientist and Director of the Division of Early Warning and Assessment, on leave from University College London. Prior to that she was Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, Director of the UK Coastal and Marine Laboratories, Professor at the University of Warwick, Director of Theoretical Ecology at the FZ Jülich, and Senior Scientist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Her research is on dynamics of ecosystems and planetary systems, sustainable development, and environmental informatics. She has published more than 200 peer-reviewed publications and has written and produced award winning feature films and TV series (Planet RE:think, One Degree Matters, Our Arctic Challenge, Blue Revolution, and Power of Nature). She founded her own software company, specializing in games and decision-making under high uncertainty. She was awarded the GSDI Global Citizen 2013.

Dangermond Lecture: Jacqueline McGlade