Final Report on our 2013 Specialist Meeting on Advancing the Spatially Enabled Smart Campus

Authors: Donald G. Janelle, Werner Kuhn, Michael Gould, and Maureen Lovegreen

This 2-day specialist meeting in December 2013 was conceived and organized by The Center for Spatial Studies (spatial@ucsb) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). The meeting combined “thinking big” (asking what will make campuses smarter in the future) with “acting small” (focusing on specific organizational and technological measures and their evaluation). Making our daily environments smart through technologies has been on research and political agendas for more than three decades, featuring a primary interest in the outdoor environments of cities. Smart city projects are now found throughout the world, focusing on environmental sustainability, e-governance, transportation, health, and other public goods by deploying innovative technologies for sensing, social networking, and knowledge integration.

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Advancing the Spatially Enabled Smart Campus: Final Report