Please join us for the next Spatial Technology Lunch (Summer Edition!) on Monday, August 18, from 12:00-1:00 pm in the Mary Cheadle Room of the Davidson Library. This semi-regular series, hosted by spatial@ucsb, aims to promote discussion and interaction within the university’s spatial technology community.

Jon Jablonski, Head of the University Library’s Map & Imagery Lab (MIL), will provide a first peek at the results of  the SoundMap, this summer’s joint project between spatial@ucsb and the MIL. Grab your lunch and join us in Davidson Library to learn more!

First results: SoundMap

Known as the SoundMap, the project conducted a wayfinding and navigation study of the Library in its much reduced construction footprint, evaluated the building’s existing navigation aids, and created a series of visualizations of the building that can be used to inform new floorplans for the renovated and expanded Library, scheduled to open in the Fall of 2015.

The SoundMappers also attempted to deploy a sensor network around the building to measure the volume of ambient sound in realtime, in the hopes of building a web map allowing users to identify quiet contemplative spaces, active conversational spaces, and spaces being disrupted by workers.

Both aspects of this exciting project will be discussed in detail at this Spatial Tech Lunch.

Spatial Tech Lunch: Jon Jablonski, SoundMap