2014 Stimson cover SISS Handbook Edward ElgarUCSB has been at the forefront of promoting a spatially integrated approach to social science research and teaching. Its Center for Spatially Integrated Social  Science, under the leadership of Michael Goodchild and hosted by the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research (ISBER), the Department of Geography,  and the Center for Spatial Studies provided training for hundreds of social science researchers and instructors from across the country over the period 2000-2011. Goodchild and Donald Janelle edited Spatially Integrated Social Science (Oxford University Press) in 2004. Building on this foundation, Robert Stimson (The University of Melbourne) followed up with a similar effort in Australia, culminating in the newly released 2014 Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Spatially Integrated Social Science from Edward Elgar Publications, featuring chapters by Goodchild and Janelle.

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