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Spatial@ucsb is an innovative university-wide resource and research center at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Its mission is to facilitate the integration of spatial thinking into processes for learning and discovery in the natural, social, and behavioral sciences, to promote excellence in engineering and applied sciences, and to enhance creativity in the arts and humanities.

Spatial@ucsb is dedicated to promoting campus-wide spatially related events, research, and teaching for all disciplines that share interest in the importance of spatial thinking in science and in artistic endeavors, the development of spatial analytic tools, and the importance of place in society.

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Please check our calendar for the ongoing multi-disciplinary ThinkSpatial brownbag series, and consult with us about opportunities for research proposal development.

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Margaret Tarampi, Sage Center for the Study of the Mind, UCSB
April 22, Keeping the Lights On: Geospatial Technology and the Electric Grid
Paul Wilson, General Electric Digital Energy (retired)
13 May, “Space to Reason”
Markus Knauff, Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Giessen